Monday, 1 January 2018

When is it not a New Years Resolution?

I don't do New Years Resolutions anymore. At least I have not for the last 20 odd years.  Why? Simply because within a short period of writing my list, in no more than a few days I have forgotten them and not looked at the list again. 

If I can explain about this post.  Yesterday, when I returned home from walking my dogs, a new neighbour asked if she could take a look around my house. I live in a house where from the outside it looks very similar to the other houses nearby, but inside, no two houses are the same.  Having already looked inside their home on a previous occasion, I felt it would be rude to say no, so I said of course as I came in.  As I walked them through each room, all I could see was "clutter".  I work long hours and often "shoved" stuff into boxes, into bags, into cupboards, much of it was neatly tucked away, but there was so much "stuff", I thought to myself " it's getting worse", I have got to do something about it, and I can not leave it any longer.

So I decided every day I have to throw something away. Even if it's a single item, it will mean that this time next year I will have 365 fewer items "cluttering" my home.

To start with, to make it easy, the item will be something I have either not worn or used for at least 2 years. As I looked around, I realised it was a lot of things.  I used to keep clothing as years later, this would return into fashion, but I am no longer the same size, so even if it did come back into fashion, I would not wear it again.

I had a lot of things I thought I would sell on eBay, but I stopped selling on eBay some time ago because it had become difficult to send the item in the post or courier and I often found the costs came to more than the amount I received after PayPal and eBay had all taken their fees too.  So why should I continue to keep these things?

The items I starting with would not be good for recycling either, as that would give me another excuse to delay its disposal.

I went to my wardrobe and took out a shirt that I know I have not worn in the last 2 years and put it in the bin. The first step, of 365.

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