Thursday, 28 December 2017

Are you struggling to post comments onto Blogs?

The internet is constantly evolving.  There are many options which are effected by the browser you are using, if you are logged into an account or not, or even if you have an account with various social or blogging platforms.  Just the terms I have used in this first paragraph for many will be confusing.

We know something works and if we do certain other things, this also works, but too often we cannot replicate it, explain or really understand how it works.

It has become complicated in an attempt to reduce SPAM, and it seems to be, the spammers who are able to do it best!

Firstly what is Spam?  This list is quite long, but typically it when all someone see’s in the comment is a web address.  SPAM is also posting the same thing more than once at the same time, with no changes.  I was asked by someone why her monthly post was considered SPAM. It is simple really, its the same post. If she changed the wording or the image it would no longer be considered SPAM.  Also if you are going to share a specific post, don't share it to 20 different places at the same time. If you need to share to 20 different places, make sure each one is different and not the same.  And finally SPAM is something which is not wanted, and for a lot of people it is something offensive in someway.  So if you don't want your posts or comments to be treated as SPAM put some thought into how others will view it.  Many Spammers are people who are paid by others to help promote their websites. So if you do pay someone to help you, make sure they are not doing it by spamming.

So finally, when you feel brave enough to post a comment, make sure it is relevant to the blog, even if its just to say you enjoyed reading it.  Don't be afraid to add your name and if you are not a spammer, there is a box for your website address.  This is useful on two counts.

 Firstly it helps the person whose Blog you have posted to decide if you are a spammer or not. When they moderate your post, they will be the only person who will see your name. They can click to go to your website and decide if it is appropriate for their readers and if you are a spammer or not.

Secondly you can have a good back link to your website, as long as the blogger does not have a "no follow" attribute. Bloggers should not object to this, as if you keep coming back to make comments and read their blog you are helping them too. 

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