Tuesday, 10 October 2017

September 2014 - Investment No.3

Money had been tight, so I had transferred the £1,000 to my share account in several small amounts over the previous months, but I now had enough to purchase my third share, and it was coming up to the final month of the 3rd quarter

Since the last purchase I had received £59.13  for the Antofagasta shares, and £5.34 for the Pace shares.  Total dividend income to date £64.47.  3% approx, not great, but better than the 0.1% most savings accounts were offering, and I had only had the money invested for a short time so far.

I needed something really safe, but also paying a good dividend.  I had taken a risk with the previous purchase, and I was now thinking I had not thought it through properly.
For these reasons, I decided on SSE plc. 

The stock market epic was SSE and it was in the Electricity Sector, again another FTSE100 company

Originally called Scottish and Southern Energy, I knew it had always paid a good dividend. Its core purpose was to provide the energy people in Great Britain and Ireland would need in a reliable and sustainable way.

So I purchased 65 shares.


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