Tuesday, 17 October 2017

December 2014 - Investment No.4

3 months passed since my last share purchase, and I was able to put another £1000 into my trading account with Selftrade. 

I had received another dividend of £8.30 for my Antofagasta shares.  This brought my return on my original £1000 investment to 8% and I had only held them for 7 months, so I was happy.   I also received another £3.23 for my Pace shares.

I needed another FTSE100 share so I decided on Royal Dutch Shell. There are 2 types of share on offer, "A" shares and "B" shares. I knew from past experience that I wanted B shares. "A" shares had a 15% withholding tax deduction, and B shares did not.

The stock market epic was RDSB and it was in the Oil and Gas Sector.

As with most companies in the Oil and Gas Sector they paid 4 dividends each year.   So I purchased 65 shares.


Actual amount paid in to date: £3,900
Actual dividends received to date: £76.00

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