Friday, 27 October 2017

The No Follow Attribute and Link Building

This is something about websites which really annoys me.  If you understand it, it will annoy you too.

Some time ago I agreed to promote a business by doing articles with backlinks to the business websites. I had to pay a fee for this, but it was supposed to be good promotion and extra traffic to my website. But what I did not realise was, the website has a "No Follow" for links set up on the website.

In plain English, this means exactly that - when a Search engine sees the link they are told NOT TO FOLLOW the link so of course it does not get listed either.......   It may as well not even exist. So I now refuse to provide any articles, especially ones I pay to have published on this particular website.

But they are not alone.  Many blogs have the same thing set up in the comments section.  When I find this, I will never go back to the blog.  The internet is about helping everyone.  The "No Follow" attribute is about not helping anyone.  The whole point of adding links is to link build.

If you have a No Follow attribute on your website I would suggest getting it removed.  If you have a WordPress blog, you will need to change this manually or use a "do follow" plugin.

It could be a contributory factor in why you are not getting much traffic or getting listed high on Google!

The attribute originated to reduce SPAM, but if you are being careful with your website content and links, you will not need it.

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