Tuesday, 3 October 2017

April 2014 - Investment No.2

I now realised that I would need to make a share transaction at least once in each quarter, or I would have to pay an additional fee to Selftrade.

So I made the decision that it was worth making sure I was able to do a transaction without any pressure as early as possible in every quarter.  One month later I transferred just under £1,000 to my dealing account.  So I choose an old favourite Pace Micro.

 The Stock market EPIC was PIC

I knew it was going to go ex-dividend in June, with the payment a month later.  Pace Micro had a turbulent history.  A company founded in 1982, and it was the biggest developer of set-top boxes for all broadcast platforms.  In its early days it had been a penny share.  Now it was paying dividends so I purchased 244 shares at about £4.00 a share.  

There is a reason there is no link - Pace later is taken over. When I post the details, I will add a link then. 

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