Tuesday, 31 October 2017

April 5 2015 - UK Tax year end

It has been an interesting year, although technically 13 months in long.  I was able to find £4,900 during the entire period to invest and start my stock portfolio with the aim of getting dividend income.

Just before the end of the tax year the Persimmon dividend of £53.20 was received.   This brought my monthly return for the year to £13.33.

The Facts:

Total new money invested: £4,900
Total dividends received: £159.90
If I sold the shares on the 5th April 2015, I would have had £4,649.49 in cash in the account.  Overall a loss of 9% so in the short term not looking so great.

But that is the thing about shares. They can go up in value, and they can go down in value. I just have to wait and see, if long term things improve or not.

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  1. I am looking forward to finding out the progress. I hope things do improve.


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