Thursday, 2 November 2017

Making comments on Blogs

Do you have a website?  Are you looking for more traffic?  One of the ways of getting more traffic is by having backlinks to your website, but most people think this is difficult to do, or they have to pay someone to do them for them.

When I suggested it to a friend, and she told me that she did not have time to set up a blog.  So I asked her why do you need to set up a blog to get backlinks to your website?  Oh she said, so I can blog about others and they can blog back and we can share back links.

Yes that is one way of doing it, but there is a really simple and easier way to do it.  If you do it yourself its free.

Go to someone elses blog.  Ideally one which is NOT a WordPress blog, as they will often have no follow attributes, and post a comment making sure you put your website address in the box which asks for your website address.  NOT in the body of your comment, as that is where a spammer will add it.  If you know someone with a WordPress blog, ask them if they have disabled the no follow attribute or added the plugin which allows comment following? If they have then make all the comments you want. 

For example all the comments on this blog have had the No Follow attribute disabled,  but I moderate all comments to make sure the comments are real comments and not spam.

And what does the blogger get out of it?  Two things, firstly feedback, all bloggers need feed back, so they know people are reading the blogs, and secondly traffic of their own.  The more comments, the more visitors.   Simple really. 

So go for it - make a comment against any of the posts on this blog and get a free backlink to your website.

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  1. Hi Yes I agree it can help each other with links to each others businesses.
    Good article.


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