Tuesday, 14 November 2017

September 2015 - Investment No 7

Time was flying by and another quarter was arriving.  Since the last purchase I received the following dividends:

Pace plc - £7.54
SSE - £40.17
Royal Dutch Shell B - £13.29
Total dividend income since  6 April 2015 - £81.64

I did not have enough spare cash to use to purchase another share, so I decided to sell the Persimmon Plc shares, Investment No 5.  These shares actually cost me £1,011.66 including all charges, and I received £1,162.49 after charges.  A net profit of £150.83 (15%).  Including dividends, I received the profit totalled of £204.03 (20%) . I thought it was pretty good for a share held for just over 6 months, certainly better than leaving it sitting on deposit. 

So I purchased shares in Centrica (EPIC: CNA).   They were due to go ex-dividend on the 1 October so I would receive this in November.

Centrica was in the Gas, Water & Multiutilities sector. The were focused on energy and home related services.  Key markets were in Britain, Spain, Belgium, Canada and the USA. 


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