Thursday, 30 November 2017

5 Top ways to promote your business online

Everyone I know who has a business has tried five particular social networking platforms and end up doing only one and giving up on the rest.  A few continue with most, but nearly all give up on the one which actually is the best one to use.   I have ignored LinkedIn. I think this is the best platform to promote you personally, and your business second.

These are the top five social networking platforms which most businesses use:


There are very few people who are online who do not have an account with one of these social networking platforms which they either use occasionally or look at from time to time.

Having done this list and thought about the amount of time and in some cases money I have spent on each one. From the results which I have either directly or indirectly seen from each one, together with the number of years I have being doing this, I have realised Google+ is actually the other four rolled into one platform!  

But Google+ is the first one everyone gives up on first!

It is simple really. If you can't work your Facebook business page, you will not be able to work your Google+ and Google Brand pages. The same goes for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and every other social networking platform you have an account with and use to promote your business or just to interact with others online.

For me, the penny dropped when my organic online business growth increased. In addition to good quality content on my websites, I realised Google also liked brands who had a good presence on Google+ and were able to develop and work with their Google accounts!

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