Tuesday, 21 November 2017

December 2015 - Investment No 8

Another quarter was arriving, and this was still difficult, but I have about £250 sitting in the dealing account from dividends so I just added £750 so I would have enough money for the next share purchase.  Since the last purchase I received the following dividends:

GlaxoSmithKline - £13.68
Antofagasta - £2.36
Centrica - £16.03
Royal Dutch Shell B - £13.36
Total dividend income since  6 April 2015 - £127.35

Looking around I decided I wanted shares in a company which paid quarterly, but in a different sector than I already in.  Before the Banking crisis that would have been banks, so I took a look at the banks which were not under government ownership.  

I choose to purchased shares in HSBC (EPIC: HSBA).  The parent company of the HSBC Group, was HSBC Holdings plc.  One of the world's largest banking and financial services organisations and although they had been effected by the banking crisis as did pretty well every bank, they had not needed a bail out.


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