Tuesday, 12 December 2017

May 2016 - Investment No 10

As the saying goes - hindsight is a wonderful thing.  I am writing this about my next investment and looking at what I had been doing, my initial thoughts were why did I do that? As I explain the history you will see what I mean.   The Referendum to decide if the UK should stay in the EU or not was just over a month away, and I knew things were going to be quite volatile in the run up to it.  So I decided to sell my 190 shares in Anglo American plc as I needed some cash to purchase shares as I felt the market may drop straight after the vote.  These shares  were showing a overall profit of about 27%  and I had only held them for 2 months.

Additionally since 6 April 2016, GlaxoSmithKline had paid a dividend of £30.96 and HSBC holdings had paid a dividend of £30.96

With the sale of Anglo American plc and the dividends I now had over £1,350 to invest in shares, but as I watched the market start to fall over the following 10 days I realised the Anglo American plc share price had dropped by nearly 15%, so I could not help myself - I purchased 229 shares.  My new holding was 39 shares more than the holding I had sold.  What can I say?  


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