Thursday, 25 January 2018

The ideal garden furniture for the UK weather.

I am always surprised by the number of people who tell me that they purchased garden furniture last summer, but during the middle of winter feel they have to dispose of it because it cannot be used again.

I can only think this is because they have not been aware that it does not take much to look after it, or perhaps the furniture they purchase was of poor quality.

The best quality garden furniture for the UK should be constructed with a Poly Rattan Weave, and a Steel Alloy framework, with luxury heavy weight cushions. The weather in the UK tends to be "damp" which poly rattan is able to cope without any real issues.  Steel-alloy frames should be powder-coated for weather proof durability so can be kept out side all year round and not rust. Rust is a reaction with metal and moisture which over time causes it to corrode.

The cushions however, cannot generally tolerate the UK wet weather, and will need to be brought inside during heavy rain and the winter to ensure the material stays in a good condition.

The Whitewash Large Corner Right Set 
Of course the best way of looking after both is to ensure that you allow your furniture to always dry naturally. Do not use a pressure washer or bleaching agents as both may damage or lead to discolouration of the rattan or cushions.  A mild detergent in cool water will help keep both clean. With the rattan just fill a bowl with warm soapy water and wash the surface with a soft cloth.  A vacuum cleaner brush attachment will remove any dirt or dust from the rattan, and a old toothbrush is ideal to remove debris from any harder to reach place.

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