Monday, 4 September 2017

UK Companies Ex-Dividends, how to find them

I have an interest in investing in shares.  I have done most of my life.

I am not a share trader.  This is someone who either buys and sells or sells and buys shares over a very short period to make a profit.

I am a share investor. This means I purchase a share for the long term, hoping it will increase in value over a long period.  A good and well-run company share price will over a long time go up in value.  It will have its share price downs too. But the trick is to be patient and stick it out.  Ideally buying when the share price is low.  

Of course, I don't have a crystal ball, but if there is a well-run company has a share price that has dropped, I try to find out why it has dropped and I will then decide if I agree with the reason or not.  If I don't agree, I will purchase shares in the company.  My best purchases have come from this method. 

 An example of this was my current best buy.  Persimmon plc.  This is a house builder, not a type of company I would normally buy shares in as the share can be too volatile.  Before the Brexit vote, the share price was about £21 a share. Immediately after BREXIT, the share price dropped to under £13 a share due to panic about house prices dropping.  I didn't agree, people in the UK (Persimmons customers) will still need to buy houses in the UK, and I also know Persimmon was sitting on a lot of cash which they are giving back to the shareholders each year.  Long story, short story the share price is now (at the time of writing this blog) over £26. 

But this is not why I am writing this blog - Dividends.  This is why I will choose a share.  A well-run company is in the position to pay dividends.  Some pay them 4 times a year and some 2 times. I am not reliant on the share price going up to make a profit. If I can get a regular dividend I am happy.  The increase of share price is just the icing on the cake!

This is the website where I go to find out about the up coming dividends from UK companies  :

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