Tuesday, 19 September 2017

What happened to my Share Portfolio

Late in the year 2013 I had to cash in all the stocks and shares I held personally, so I would have enough cash for a deposit of our new house, and also to pay the horrendous stamp duty, which was also due.  It was a sad thing to do, but I just reminded myself that it was just savings, that was one of the reasons for having the shares in the first place.

When left school, a very good friends father died. He left various share portfolios for his wife and children which he had amassed during his lifetime as his pension. He worked overseas so it was the only way he could have UK income should he need it.   My friend cashed in her shares and purchased a flat with no mortgage.  But what really impressed me, was that the portfolio which her mother received produced a annual dividend income of £35,000 for her to live on, without the need to sell any shares.  30+ years on £35,000pa is still a good income. So this has always stuck in my mind as what I should try to aim for, even if it seemed impossible.

So I decided to start again. I still had my trading account with Selftrade. (https://selftrade.co.uk).

I just needed a plan to follow.

My Plan
1.  Invest for dividend Income
2.  Try to Invest up to £1,000 of new money each quarter

I don't believe in being rigid with plans, but I thought this would be a nice simple plan to try to stick to. If you are interested in how I did, I shall let you know in the following pages.

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