Monday, 11 September 2017

Rustic White Painted Hall Storage Unit and Bench

If your hallway is looking a little bland and requires some much-needed storage, the Rustic White Painted Hall Storage Unit and Bench could be the perfect solution.

Designed to look and feel like a classic and will be an incredible feature of a hallway or even a utility room or cloakroom.
 Many homes lack not only coat hanging space in their home, but seating to easily slip on shoes. Providing both, together with two bottom drawers which are ideal for gloves, hats, and footwear. Your hallway will immediately be free of clutter and welcome for guests.

 At the top of the unit, is a shelf, perfect for items such as bags or ornaments. The hanging area will keep all of your coats and scarves crease free, and make a great place to hang guests jackets for your parties or coffee mornings.

If you have little ones, the bench makes a perfect seat for them to put their shoes on before school and wait to head off for the day ahead. One of the drawers could even be used for their school supplies and bag, to prevent a mad rush on a morning to look for a lost satchel.

This is from the Hampshire Furniture, sister website (yes they have two, with different furniture), 

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