Friday, 22 September 2017

Are you too British on the internet?

You may wonder what I mean by this?  I will explain.  My husband (as does many people and children I know) is always watching YouTube videos online. Initially, it was just videos about SuperCars. Then he started noticing he was watching 1 particular person and started to seek out their videos. Out of the blue he said out loud “these are kids, they don't have jobs or rich parents yet they can afford these SuperCars.?”

Really. I thought, how British! Its simple really, so I sat him down and explained. They have learnt how to harness the internet to make enough money to access a SuperCars or even buy one, which then they use to make more money, buy more cars and so on.  He looked at me blankly.  The YouTube videos you are watching all the time as they film themselves talking about the SuperCars. Take a look at how many people have watch them, the number of videos each person has. I was talking about telephone numbers for each video!  When the numbers hit a certain level they get payments from YouTube, and also companies will start to seek them out. Some companies will also help promote their videos increasing the views and even start to pay them too.

That's the thing about the American people, they are not scared to put their head above the parapet and go public on the internet about something they are passionate about   Especially if they can also  make some money.  And I am talking about big Lottery win sized money. We British just sit and watch them and tut tut. Once in a while someone British will have a go buts its difficult for us as we are too private so often don’t get it right.

If you have a website which is not performing and would like to find out how you can improve it, get more traffic, higher listings on Google etc?  Find a way to visit this blog from time to time and I will post some simple ideas which anyone in the UK can do which is free. It may take 15 minutes of your time, but I think in time you will agree that it could become the most profitable 15 minutes you will have.  Of course, if you are British, you may not think so, but if you don't do it, you will never know.

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