Tuesday, 30 January 2018

February 2017 - Investment No 16

I am in the next quarter and so decide I can add another £1,000 to my SelfTrade dealing account to purchase more shares.

Since my last purchase the following dividends were received:

HSBC Holdings Plc £14.87
BP Plc £17.36
Royal Dutch Shell 'B'   £15.97
GlaxoSmithKline  £13.68

My last purchase of BT shares are down about 15% so I decided to top up and buy another 339 shares in BT.  This will bring my holding up to 618 shares.

It is difficult sometime to purchase more shares in a company has dropped since purchasing them. My portfolio consists of FTSE100 shares, all currently paying dividends.  I do have one other share in the portfolio also down about 15%, Centrica.  This was my September 2015 - Investment No 7 purchase. However I hold shares also in SSE which is in the same sector so did not want to increase my holding. BT is in a different sector to my other shares, so this is why I decided on this company over Centrica.


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