Tuesday, 6 February 2018

March 2017 - Investment No 17

I did not intend to purchase another share, but I am not very good at leaving cash in my dealing accounts as it does not pay any interest.  I do think putting it into a share which produces a regular dividend works better for me, and this is my long term aim.

Since the last investment the following things happened:

1.  BT Group Plc  paid a dividend of £13.53

2.  I sold my holding of  185 shares in HSBC for £1,225.91
- This produced a profit of 23%, and although the share had also given a dividend return of 7%, HSBC was in the news too often over being fined another 1.1bn due to not doing enough to stop Money Laundering

3. SSE paid a dividend of £36.99

4. I sold my ARRIS Intl Plc shares for £714.96 as they are in profit. The profit is only 7%, but this share is listed in the US, so not part of the profile of my existing portfolio, and a profit is still a profit.

This was what was left of my Pace plc shares originally purchased in April 2014 - Investment No 2, and then taken over in January 2016. Details of this can be found in my March 2016 - Investment No 9 post.

So I find I have just short of £2,000 to invest just before the financial year end. A lovely situation to find myself in.  My BP shares are showing a 7% loss, so I decided to purchase 430 shares in BP, so my holding is now 649 shares.


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