Tuesday, 20 February 2018

June 2017 - Investment No 18

I did quite a lot of buying and selling during 2016-17, and now I have left it to the end of the next quarter before doing another investments.  It has often been difficult finding extra cash to add to my portfolio, but as it grows and starts to become the portfolio I want, I just have to find the cash to keep it going.  Easier said than done, but I really just have to do it.

This month I add £925.00 to my dealing account.   Since the end of the UK tax year I have received the following dividends :

GlaxoSmithKline £16.56
Antofagasta £21.71

I can see my dividend income starting to grow, and I have 3 shares which paid over 5% last year.  These are GlaxoSmithKline; Royal Dutch Shell 'B' and Scottish and Southern.  I already topped up on Scottish and Southern, so I have decided to top on Royal Dutch Shell 'B'.  My existing 43 shares is showing a small loss of about 5%, so I am able to purchase and additional 46 shares, bring my total shares in Royal Dutch Shell 'B' to 89 shares.  Of course I have missed the last ex-dividend date in May, but that could also be a factor in why the shares are slightly lower than they could be.


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