Thursday, 8 February 2018

My handbag collection for special occasions?

I have never been one for labels or handbags.  On a day to day basis, I now carry a backpack, as it is practical.  I used to have one good quality leather handbag, with many compartments in which I carried my life. Over time it would slowly disintegrate, despite my attempts at keeping it alive by moisturising the leather, but the inside would slow tear or the stitching come away.

The only issue with the one good quality handbag was it was not practical to use for special occasions. In fact, it was so out of place, I would end up carrying nothing, which in turn caused its own issues.  I realised I had to do something, but for many years I did not have a solution.

I found a website where I could purchase different bags, starting with clutch bags of different colours and shapes. I could purchase 4-5 bags for a fraction of the amount I use to purchase my 1 good quality bag, so have returned on a regular basis and will continue to add more.  Interestingly I have developed favourites.  My current favourite is Pink Satin Hard case Evening Clutch Bag with lace which currently is one of the most "expensive" at £14.99!  I always hated Pink, but it is so pretty, can my phone, keys and a few "notes" fit perfectly. It does not take up much room on a table either!

As you can see from the image I currently keep them lined up on an old bookshelf in the spare room, so all I have to do is pick the one I need for that evening or event.  It is so easy and I am never caught short without having a suitable bag to take to any event. I don't know why I never did it before or why no one else I know does the same.  I can only recommend you think about doing the same.

And where is this wonderful online retail shop?   Its

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  1. Hi Frauke
    I want to say how grateful I am that you buy my bags and how much I appreciate your business. So glad you like the clutch bags, I must admit I like them myself and have plenty more where they came from. x


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