Tuesday, 3 July 2018

April 5,2018 - UK Tax year end

4 full years have now past since I started this portfolio.

Before I give you the facts, I have received the following dividends since my last investment.

£ 38.34 from SSE plc
£30.17 from RDSB
£46.52 from BP

The Facts: 
Total new money invest during the year:  £2,000.00
Total new money invested since starting the portfolio: £13,000.00
Total dividends for the year: £804.94 (2016-17 : £420.01)
Dividend Income : £67.08 per month (2016-17 : £35.00 per month)
Total dividends since starting the portfolio £1,566.89  (2016-17 : £761.95)

If I sold the shares on the 5th April 2018, I would have had £16,884.87  in cash in my SelfTrade dealing account. Overall a 19% profit still on my original cash. This is the same as last year, so I am happy.

 As I say each year, that is the thing about shares.  They can go up and they can go down.  My regular income is still increasing from year one of £13.33 pm, and this the 4th year year is is now up to £67.08pm.  I still have a long way to go, before it is enough to live on, but I have to start somewhere and "Rome was not built in Day"

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