Tuesday, 3 April 2018

November 2017 - Investment No 20

I have watched my portfolio grow well now, and am disappointed that I have not been able to add as much new money into it as I had originally planned. On occasion it has been easier to sell and existing share which is in profit to finance the purchase of another share. 

So I have tighten my belt, and found another £1,075 to add to my Self trade accounts. This will bring the total money I have personally put into the account to £13,000 instead of the £15,000 as my original plan. I have no idea how I am going to catch up. 

Since my last investment in the previous quarter I have received the following dividends:

BT Group plc £65.19
Royal Dutch Shell "B" £32.28
BP plc £49.46
SSE plc £86.26
GlaxoSmithKline £13.68

My dividend income to date is already more than the amount I received for the whole of the previous year so I am looking forward to finding out the final figures for this financial year.

The market is quite high, so I have decided to top up by putting all the money I have in the account into a share which I already own and receive quarterly dividends each month - GSK.

The share price has dropped a bit - about 5% from my original purchase in June 2015 - Investment No 6, but I think this is because  because the market as a whole has dropped.  2016-17 I received a return of 7% on dividends, so for a long term investment I think I'd like to buy more. And they are also due to go ex-dividend next week, payable in January 2018 so that is an unexpected plus.

So I purchased an additional 96 shares in GlaxoSmithKline plc. This brings the number of shares held to 168.


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