Saturday, 31 March 2012

Internet Security

Is it just me or is it getting impossible?

I am constantly getting the security login information wrong.  After 2 attempts I give up and try again the following day.

The worse one I think is NSI.  After struggling to change my password, (every attempt it came back with another thing I need to do before it would accept my password) I had to ring them to find out all the different requirements they needed.  I was told I should have gone in search of the instructions before starting!  So I am supposed to be a mind reader.  I find the site difficult to navigate as it it, and it NEVER even occurred to me that I should do this.

Finally, while on the phone to NSI, I thought I'd managed to change the password. But after trying to login it said I'd done it wrong twice so I gave up. A couple of days later I tried again only to be blocked and told I had to ring them, yet again.

This I did and was told I'd not set up a new password, so they would need to resend me a password so I could start again.

This morning I received a form to complete to request the send me a new password!!!!!

Its getting outrageous.  So guess what. I've given up. I'm not going to bother.  I'm sending the form back (at their expense) with my thoughts scrawled over the form.  It may be OTT, but I would have to look up the information to attempt to complete the form and doing the blog takes up less of my time than trying to complete the form would.  :-)

So I suggest don't try to register to have an account with them.  Not unless you want complete lots of forms and there is still no guarantee that you will be able to login.

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